Josephson Opticians invites you to come and see the latest collection of Danish designs by Lindberg. On December 7 at our flagship Bay/Bloor store, we will be previewing the handcrafted collection and can help with a bespoke consultation to design the perfect combination of frame and colours to suit you. The highly popular line of frames marries function and comfort with fashion. It is a unique blend of classic elegance, discreet yet fashion forward with technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. These technical innovations allow Lindberg to manufacture their frames without screws, rivets or welds. Each frame is customized to your particular preferences, including a multitude of colour choices and combinations. The frames are then hand-finished and individually numbered. The end result are frames that are incredibly strong, flexible and among the lightest and most comfortable in the world.. Lindberg has several collections in their line-up of beautiful frames. One collection, carried by very limited luxury retailers, are their horn frames. Buffalo Horn is one of nature's luxuries, providing a warmth and unique feel. Horn can be unruly to work with, but Lindberg has taken on the challenge with superior workmanship and advanced technology.   Lindberg combines 152 in-house processes to finish each buffalo horn frame, producing an ultra thin horn front, hand polished to bring out mother nature's exquisite colour patterns. The frame front features layers of laminated horn, which provides this porous material with greater strength and stability. The fronts are then combined with lightweight, adjustable titanium temples. LINDBERG buffalo titanium – Men As is the case with the whole line of Lindberg frames, the horn frames can be bespoke with a variety of colour choices both for the frame front and the temples.  The unique natural colorations of buffalo horn, along with the customizations available, allows these frames to be truly one of a kind.   (As a side note:  For those of you concerned about how horn is obtained, it can be harvested without any harm to the animals.)