At the best of times it was not a good idea to have only one pair of eyeglasses. The current state of affairs in which we are living intensifies this need. This is a changing and challenging world at present. Unfortunately, and with heavy hearts, we had made the decision to close our optical stores on March 18 to protect our valued clients as well as our respected employees. One thing we may have learned through these difficult times, is that it is good to be pro-active and be prepared for the unknown. Who would have known that Covid-19 would happen and all stores close down to fight this terrible pandemic? As such, when life goes back to normal those that don't have a spare pair of eyeglasses may consider that an important option. Reason #1: Misplaced Eyeglasses. It is very common for people to misplace or even lose their eyeglasses. How many times have we heard of clients calling for replacement of specs they have left behind while travelling, be it in the airplane, hotel or taxi! If you only have one pair and are dependent on your prescription to read or to see anything clearly, you would be compromising your vision until a new pair of specs could be produced. Reason #2: Accidents Happen. They can happen anytime, anywhere and when you least expect it. Whether due to carelessness, wear and tear, or someone sitting or stepping on eyeglasses you put down for short period of time, it can render your glasses unusable, being completely broken or in need of repair. Even if, luckily your glasses may be under warranty and a new pair ordered, having only that one pair of specs will leave you with poor vision until the replacement is made up. That is if you didn't have an immediate back up available. Reason #3: Back Up Pair For Your Car. Many people need glasses to be able to drive, but do not necessarily have to wear them all the time. It would behoove such people to have an extra pair of specs for the car for those times that the primary pair is left behind, whether forgotten, or an unplanned road trip.

Reason #4: Sports. People who play sports must be aware that there is always the potential for their eyeglasses to be damaged. It would also leave open the potential for eye injuries if this happens. Investing in a pair of prescription sports glasses, not only may prevent eye injuries because of the safety features of sports glasses, but can also give peace of mind knowing they can be used as a spare pair in the event of the primary pair being disabled for whatever reason.

Reason #5: Fashion. People have multiple shoes, purses, coats etc, all to break up the monotony of wearing the same thing all the time, or to match with different outfits, or life events. Why not have more than one pair of glasses for the same reasons? Eyeglasses are not only a necessity, but is one accessory that can instantly transform your look. For example, it can make the difference of you looking professional in a meeting or interview. If you cannot have multiple glasses, at least two pair would allow you to shuffle between a professional look, and a casual, edgy weekend look. Or whatever specific look you would like to achieve, eyeglasses can make that difference.