Looking to revamp your style in 2023? Then, it’s time to embrace the classics that are making a comeback! Indeed, many trendy men’s and women’s glasses feature new twists on frames from the past. Ready to transform your appearance? Here are the top 2023 trends in glasses.

Aviator glasses

We’re not in Kansas anymore when it comes to the aviator glasses of yesteryear. Today’s aviator frames are edgier and with almost punkish undertones, with studs and tinted or mirrored lenses.

Cateye glasses

The iconic and timeless cateye is back in a big way! However, this time around, the silhouettes are bolder and quirkier to make your look really pop! Think bright colors. Oversized frames. Unique detailing that either emphasizes or subdues the cateye-like effect.

Retro glasses

Oftentimes, trendy men’s and women’s glasses frames pay tribute to a specific decade. Yet, in 2023, we’re noticing a retro revival that spans the 60s to 90s. For example, glasses with a tint—regardless of the shape of the frame—are big hits.

You’ll see these 70s-inspired glasses, especially in warm hues, like yellow and red. Tortoiseshell and chunky square glasses from the 60s are also very popular. Are you a fan of the 90s? Then look at the wide range of round glasses and wrap sunglasses.


Geometric glasses

Oversized square frames. Hexagonal and octagonal styles. Ultra-futuristic designs. Geometric shapes are definitely slaying it on and off the runways. People love them because of their amazing versatility: they can add angles to a round face or soften someone with a squarer jaw.

Sustainable glasses

More and more people are scouting out eyewear brands that use more sustainable materials to design their glasses. New materials, such as wood, recycled water bottles and fishing nets, bamboo, and bio-acetates are growing in popularity as innovations enable manufacturers to offer similar styles and durability as conventional glasses for men and women.

Pastel and ombre glasses

Contrary to many of the bold 2023 trends in glasses we’ve seen, soft pastel shades are truly in vogue. Pastel glasses look fantastic on people with fair hair and pale skin tones. They also add a pop of color to those with dark complexions. Ombre glasses provide a similar effect as the color gently fades through the frame.

Geometric wire frame glasses

This year, sleek and minimalist wire frames with geometric styles are very fashion-forward. These trendy men’s and women’s glasses frames for 2023 can be worn by people who don’t want to attract too much attention to their faces. Alternatively, metal frames can make a bold statement with the right detailing and geometric shape!

Athletic glasses

Don’t let their names fool you; these are not your run-of-the-mill glasses for sports. Stylish racer-style, athletic-inspired glasses were all the rage at different Fashion Weeks, including Milan and Paris.

As you can see, there are myriads of options to choose from for trendy men’s and women’s eyewear for 2023. Make sure you shop our latest models and collections to find a pair that suits your style and physiognomy. Stop by one of our clinics in the GTA today!

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