Are you looking to upscale your look and wondering about the top eyewear trends in 2024? The eyewear fashion scene is being reshaped with a blend of nostalgia and innovation. This season, eyewear brands are revisiting classics while also embracing clear, transparent aesthetics. From the ever-stylish cat-eye to the crystal-clear charm of transparent frames and the bold statement of oversized glasses, here’s what’s trending in the world of eyewear.

Cat-eye glasses: Timeless chic

Cat-eye glasses, which exude elegance year after year, continue to reign supreme in eyewear. With its upswept silhouette and feminine allure, the cat-eye is a perfect harmony of vintage grace and contemporary edginess. For trendy glasses in 2024, the geometric twists that add angles to square-shaped faces and the softer curves to outline round visages, these frames are about embracing a whole new level of sophistication.

Clear Eyeglasses: Unmatched versatility

Clear frames are taking center stage, radiating a minimalist yet bold vibe that captures the imagination of fashion-forward people. This 2024 eyewear is set to dominate, offering a chameleon-like quality that adapts effortlessly to any outfit. Whether it’s for a subtle, understated look or a bold statement, clear eyeglasses are the go-to choice for a modern, versatile flair.

Oversized glasses: Bold and retro-inspired

Chunky, oversized glasses are making a splash, especially in women’s eyewear trends, influenced by a gentle nod to retro styles. For those looking to stand out, oversized glasses are the perfect combination of practicality and panache. These large frames act as a focal point for any ensemble, ensuring that your eyewear is not just seen but remembered.

Tinted sunglasses 2024: Discover a hue that defines you

Embrace the latest 2024 fashion wave with Josephson’s collection of tinted sunglasses, featuring a rich variety of shades to match your unique style. From the bright fuchsia to deep cerulean and coral lenses, you’ll find your spot-on colour among our collection of vibrant tinted lenses.

Josephson offers our clientele the ability to customize the tint of your sunglasses based on the frame you choose. Book an appointment today with one of our opticians to learn more.

Athletic glasses: Where performance meets style

Gone are the days when sleek wraparound glasses were just for sports enthusiasts. Now, they’re the highlight of everyone’s wardrobe, a staple on fashion runways, and the go-to accessory for the active lifestyle. The futuristic edge? These glasses come with photochromic lenses that seamlessly adapt to varying light conditions, ensuring clear vision whether you’re inside or under the sun.

Flat top frames: Trendy glasses for 2024

Merging the nostalgia of yesteryears with contemporary innovation, flat-top frames have emerged as this year’s quintessential eyewear. Flat top frames can be worn with anything. Pair your flat top frames with a crisp, tailored blazer and a plain white tee for a smart-casual ensemble or with business suits to add a touch of trendsetting flair.

Sleek wire-rimmed glasses: The essence of contemporary style

2024 wire-rimmed glasses can offer an airy, almost ethereal presence on your face, combining practicality with fashion-forward styling. Whether your taste runs to the fine and nearly invisible or the strikingly bold, these frames provide a versatile option for everyday looks.

Don’t miss out on the hottest styles in glasses and sunglasses for 2024. Schedule a visit at Josephson today and explore new ways to express your personality.

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