Prepare to embrace the bold and the whimsical! Face à Face’s spring and summer 2023 eyewear collection has dropped at Josephson. And Face à Face glasses reviews are in: the designs are both playful and striking—and all inspired by the designs of the Memphis Group.

What was the Memphis Group?

In the 1980s, a group of avant-garde designers in Milan, led by Ettore Sottsass, broke away from traditional design norms. They crafted a fresh visual aesthetic that came to be known as the Memphis Movement. 

The designers veered away from the conventional, monochromatic modernist design, instead favouring audacious colour palettes, exaggerated geometrical forms, and a mix of unconventional materials. 

Often viewed as the antidote to ‘good taste,’ this vibrant style drew from a wide range of influences, including Art Deco, Pop Art, and Futurism. Active from 1980 to 1987, the young designers and architects created furniture, textiles and objects.

Face à Face eyewear collection: A modern take on the Memphis Group’s vision


Fast forward to 2023! Face à Face’s latest eyewear collection, all of which is handmade in Europe, revitalizes this eclectic style for a new generation. Let’s explore the unique Face à Face specs that make the latest collection a stellar homage to the Memphis Group.

Bold, contrasting colours are definitely at the heart of Memphis design. This ethos is evident in Face à Face’s newest eyewear collection. Expect a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues that instantly uplift and add a spirited, yet chic touch to any outfit.

With its eyeglasses for women and men as well as its sunglasses for 2023, Face à Face pushed the boundaries of form. The assortment of dramatic, geometrically-inspired shapes is simply stunning. Whether it’s oversized round frames for women or edgy square frames for men, every model in Face à Face’s eyewear collection makes a striking style statement.

Face à Face’s eyeglasses truly embody the essence of Memphis design through a dramatic play on details. Expect stripes, checks, and abstract patterns, which give each frame a distinctive personality. No matter your personality type, Face à Face’s eyewear collection ensures you carry an element of flair and sophistication.

Face à Face sunglasses for summer

For women, Face à Face sunglasses will add a pop of colour to all your career-propelling outfits and beach-ready weekends. On the other hand, the square frames with unusual patterns are the perfect accessories for men to complement business casual and streetwear apparel.

In the world of eyewear, Memphis design has found a new home with Face à Face’s latest spring and summer collection. This season, infuse your style with eyewear that is all about retro pop art and art deco. Embrace the unconventional. After all, isn’t life too short for ordinary glasses?

Wondering where to buy Face à Face glasses? Looking for opticians that carry the Face à Face collection? Visit Josephson today and let’s find the perfect pair for you!

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