Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to find sunglasses that not only protect your eyes but also elevate your style. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best pair of sunglasses? Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to selecting sunglasses like a pro!

Embrace extensive UV protection

UV protection in sunglasses is crucial to safeguard your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that are emitted by the sun. Prolonged exposure to these rays can lead to various eye health issues, UV rays can also cause temporary discomfort in the form of photokeratitis, a painful inflammation that’s akin to a sunburn of the eye. By wearing sunglasses with UV protection, you’re taking a preventative step to maintain your eye health. 

Be sure to choose sunglasses for women or sunglasses for men that prevent both UVA and UVB rays from reaching your eyes for maximum protection.

Frame your face flawlessly

Asking yourself which sunglasses will suit your face best? Whether you have a round, square, oval, or heart-shaped face, there’s a frame out there that will perfectly frame your face and enhance your unique style. Let’s explore the best sunglasses for each face shape.

For those with a round face, square or rectangular sunglasses can provide a harmonious contrast, giving definition and structure to the face. Men can consider the timeless and sophisticated style of wayfarer sunglasses, while women can experiment with cat-eye frames, which exude vintage charm and glamor.

If you have a square face, opt for round or oval sunglasses to soften the sharp angles of your facial features. Aviator styles are a popular choice for men, adding a touch of classic cool to any look. Women might enjoy the playful and fashion-forward aesthetic of oversized round frames, which not only soften the face but also give them a retro-chic style.

Oval faces have the advantage of versatility, as most frame shapes tend to complement their features well. It’s important to ensure that the frames are proportional to the size of the face, neither overpowering the features nor appearing lost on the face.

For heart-shaped faces, rimless sunglasses or frames that are wider at the bottom can help balance out the broader forehead. Both men and women can experiment with round or aviator styles, which add a modern edge while maintaining a timeless appeal.

Demystifying materials and colours

The materials used in sunglasses contribute not only to their durability but also to their overall comfort. From lightweight acetate frames to flexible Japanese titanium, different materials offer varying benefits for your summer adventures. Additionally, lens colours go beyond mere fashion choices; they can impact visual comfort and clarity. We recommend booking an appointment with an optician at Josephson to find the best sunglasses for your needs.

When it comes to choosing the best sunglasses, consider the material. Acetate frames are popular for their lightweight and comfortable fit. Acetate is a durable and hypoallergenic material that allows for versatility in design and colour options. On the other hand, Japanese titanium frames offer flexibility and increased resistance to impact and damage, making them an excellent choice for active individuals or those seeking a sturdy option.


The colour of sunglass lenses also plays a crucial role in enhancing your visual experience. Gray and green lenses, for instance, reduce brightness without altering colour perception, making them ideal for accurate colour recognition. Brown and amber lenses, on the other hand, can enhance contrasts, although they may slightly distort colours. If you frequently find yourself behind the wheel or enjoy water sports, polarized lenses might be the way to go. These lenses significantly reduce glare, improving comfort and visibility under bright conditions.

For individuals with a fair complexion, contrast can be an excellent style strategy. Choosing lens colours in darker shades like brown, gray, and green can create a striking contrast against lighter skin tones. A rose or amber lens might be another interesting choice, as they can add warmth to the complexion while enhancing visual depth.

For those with darker complexions, both light and dark lenses can complement your skin tone. Warmer shades such as browns, golds, or greens can harmonize well with your skin colour. You might also consider colours on the cooler end of the spectrum, like blue or gray, for a contrasting effect.

The best sunglasses: More than fashion

Choosing the best sunglasses is about striking the perfect balance between practicality and personal aesthetics. The best sunglasses should reflect your character, protect your eyes, and make you feel confident and stylish. 

As you start looking for your ideal pair, remember to prioritize UV protection, consider your face shape, explore different materials and lens colours, and choose a style that resonates with your personality. Wondering how to choose sunglasses for women or sunglasses for men? Consult a Josephson optician today.

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