Many words can be used to describe this iconic brand of eyewear. Renowned, respected, classic elegance, feather light, discreet, quality and innovative to coin a few.

LINDBERG is truly one of the pinnacles of luxury eyewear engineering, and the epitome of Danish design. As such, the brand is known for their “level of ingenuity on the verge of the impossible”**.

Lindberg frames are the ultimate in comfort with all frames being ultralight and constructed without any screws or rivets.


The Story Behind The Air Titanium Collection

Lindberg was founded in 1986 by Danish optometrist Paul-Jorn Lindberg and his initially eyewear reluctant son, architect Henrick Lindberg. Paul-Jorn had become dissatisfied with the mostly heavy frames that were available at the time, and so decided to design his own. He challenged his son Henrik to work on his idea knowing that Henrik, being an architect, had a keen sense of design. Henrick initially agreed to help out his father, fully intending to go back to architecture once his design was completed. Of course that wasn’t to be.


Their design idea was innovative and unique, including their choice of titanium, which at the time was largely used by commercial enterprises. Their idea of designing a thin titanium frame with no screws, rivets or welding points presented a problem for any frame manufacturers at the time. No one had machinery that could bend the wire without scratching it. That led to the decision to make everything themselves, including designing the tools that would work for their innovative idea.

Three years later their first collection, the Air Titanium frames, was born. This collection is still very popular to this day, being stylish, strong, ultralight and minimalistic.

After it’s groundbreaking use of high grade titanium, Lindberg has since continued on an innovative path, adding materials such as cotton-based acetate, buffalo horn, and the latest, trae+buffalo, which is an exquisite mix of fine wood variants and horn. Lindberg also has a “Precious Collection” which includes handcrafted frames made in Denmark from 18-carat yellow, pink, white or black gold, as well as platinum. Bespoke frames are also available to produce with rare stones, including diamonds set onto the frames.

Thirty-six years after inception, this Danish brand is a first class international eyewear empire, winning copious design awards. It is worn by many celebrities including Queen Elizabeth, Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, members of the Danish Royal family, and a population of those who love minimalistic simplicity, exquisite design and quality.



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