With the Fall Season at our doorstep, kids going back to school and more adults venturing back to their workplaces, it is important to consider the health of our eyes in terms of protection from an abundance of screen use. Whether we are on our cell phones, tablets, lap tops or desk top computers, the screens do emit a spectrum of blue light that is not healthy for continued use. Some blue light from the visible light spectrum of the sun is healthy and keeps our circadian rhythms in check – i.e. the body’s natural wakefulness and sleep cycle. It can also boost our mood, alertness and memory functions.


This is why we do not want to block out the whole spectrum of blue light, but rather a section of it that has adverse affects such as those coming from the artificial lighting on digital screens. That portion of artificial blue light is what can contribute to digital eye strain, can potentially increase your risk of macular degeneration, and can keep you up at night if you are on your devices close to bed time.
Previously the solution was to add an anti-reflective coating that incorporates a blue light filter. This blue light filter leaves a yellowish residual tint and reflects blue, particularly when the frame is at any angle. There were a number of people who refused this coating for it’s appearance.
For those that are aware of the dangers of blue light, but were not happy to have the yellow residual tint and blue reflection, Nikon has introduced the latest in light purification technology. The new lens, called Pure Blue UV, has molecules embedded into the lens, which filters out not only the harmful segment of blue light, but also filters out UV. This lens absorbs up to 35% of the harmful blue light.



The new Pure Blue lens appears more clear, although you may see a slight residual blue tint, and the anti-reflective coating does not reflect blue. This provides for enhanced aesthetics. For added blue light protection, you may still add the blue light anti-reflective coating which would “up the ante” of filtering up to 35% of blue light, to 40% blue light absorption

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