The latest brand to join the fabulous collection of frames at Josephson’s flagship store is by a young and hip designer named  Philipp Plein. Born in Munich in the late 70’s, Philipp was educated in Switzerland and Germany. His first foray into the world of design  was in 1998 producing exclusive furnishings composed from steel and leather. His artistic leanings led him to experiment with leather garments and accessories. The exclusive Philipp Plein brand was launched in 2004. Plein’s first collections were vintage military jackets which he embroidered with Swarovski skulls.  These were then sold at a major interior design trade show in Paris.

The brand identity is that of a luxury brand that is fun, provocative and maximalist with a “rock’n’roll” flavor.  Edgy could also be coined as an adjective to describe the brand.  As such a skull was chosen as the brand icon, “representing its wild spirit and provocative rock’n’roll attitude.

The eyewear collection of this line most definitely embodies the rock’n’roll essence that characterizes the brand. Manufactured with the highest quality of materials, Plein eyewear is an elaborate collection that boasts a plethora of details, thus promoting its  position as a premium luxury brand.  Some of these details include personalized crystals as well as embellishments of titanium skulls and studs forming a chain-like effect. Bold, thick frames with pronounced embellishments are also commonplace in this line.Philipp Plein eyewear is positioned for those self confident clients who are not afraid to “take their place in the spotlight”.  As such his list of clients include hip-hop stars, and big-time ballers.

The Plein brand has expanded globally with almost 100 Philipp Plein direct-owned boutiques worldwide.  There are flagship stores in Milan, New York, Las Vegas and on Rodeo Drive in Beverly hills.

Come and see our beautiful collection at Josephson’s flagship store at Bay and Bloor.

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