Did you know that the trends in sunglasses for summer 2023 are all about paying tribute to eras of the past—but with a modern twist? If you feel it’s high time to upgrade your look with the new and exciting changes in your eyewear this summer, this article is for you. With plenty of trend-worthy choices, get ready to pick the hottest summer sunglasses in 2023. 

These stylish shades will protect your eyes from the scorching sunny days, complement your face, and elevate your outfits. Are you ready to turn heads with your fashion statement? 

You can start with the oversized sunglasses trends of summer 2023, including oversized aviators, which are trendy and fun—and honour your individuality. The latest 2023 sunglasses have taken over the storm with their impressive curves and shapes; get your hands on the most dazzling array of styles.

Elongated cat-eye sunglasses 

Step into the world of elegance with elongated cat-eye sunglasses. These dramatic shades embrace a vintage classic appearance—with an edge. Worn with a stylish or casual outfit, these sunglasses for women will definitely turn heads thanks to their sophistication and chic appeal.

Rectangular sunglasses

Rectangular frames make up bold sunglasses for women and men. These shades go well with any style and elevate your fashion statement. They are known as rectangular frames because they are elongated and asymmetrical, offering a fresh perspective on an old 80s classic for designer sunglasses in 2023. These summer sunglasses are also available in vibrant colours. 

Sporty sunglasses

Are you a sportsperson and searching for some new sunglasses? Gear up for the perfect fusion of fashion and function with sporty (and trendy!) 2023 sunglasses. These sunglasses offer a fashion aesthetic while covering your eyes from the harmful sun rays. Embrace your sporty look with wraparound frames and add a touch of elegance to your athletic lifestyle. 

Tinted coloured sunglasses

Venture into the world of fashion-forward innovation with sunglasses boasting lenses in unique colours. Lavender haze is the breakout star of 2023’s colourful lens scene. Imbuing your aura with a gentle touch of mystique, these lenses effortlessly enhance your appearance. 

Josephson’s opticians can provide the freedom to choose your lens colour, regardless of frame design. Need to alter the hue of your regular glasses or sunglasses? They can help!

Y2K sunglasses

Unleash a blast from the past with Y2K-inspired sunglasses, flawlessly merging yesteryears’ charisma with today’s chic aesthetics. This trend, adored equally by both genders, offers a fond tip of the hat to the dawn of the new millennium. Available in an enticing array of translucent, neon, and pastel frames, these sunglasses invite you to rediscover and relive the iconic early 2000s in style.

There are many other trendy models for 2023 sunglasses. No matter what your face shape, we can find your ideal pair. Contact Josephson today and book an appointment!

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