Much like viewing an HD TV versus conventional, or taking pictures with pixelated cameras, digitalized eyeglass lenses provide for the most acute, clearest possible viewing. You could call it “precision viewing”.

Digital High Definition lenses eliminate many of the aberrations or distortions that were previously unavoidable with conventional lens surfacing. They are six times more accurate than traditional lens surfacing and provide up to 20% wider field of vision for both distance and intermediate viewing.

The technology used to make these digital lenses utilizes computer software which takes into account the frame fitting position, including the wrap of the frame, vertex distance (the distance of the lens from your eye), and the pantoscopic tilt of the frame on your face. All these parameters are in addition to your prescription.

These extra parameters allow for achieving an exact prescription at the position the frame fits on the face, rather than rounding to the nearest setting as in traditional settings. Much like bespoke clothing, these digital lenses are customized to each individual to maximize the vision with the highest definition of clarity. The term “Free-Form Lenses” is often used to coin digitally enhanced lenses, and implies that the lenses are not confined to the same pre-molded parameters as were the standard traditional lenses.


Digital lenses are particularly helpful to those with stronger prescriptions and for progressive lens wearers, as they traditionally would have more aberrations particularly on the periphery of the lens.

Hence digital lenses provide a much wider field of clear vision, helping to eliminate, or at least minimize the “follow-the-nose” technique. This also allows for less adaptation period for new lenses given there are minimal distortions, and a more customized fit.

Other benefits of digital lenses include improved night vision since the aberrations have been reduced that would limit the field of view and cause distortions. This curtails the “starbursts” and halos of light at night. The limited distortions also provide for better colour perception and enhance contrast sensitivity.

All in all digital high definition lenses provide for a more superior visual experience.

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