Long lasting elegance and quality are the terms best used to coin this beautiful new line of frames. In fact, the name Akoni was chosen from the Latin word which translates to "of inestimable worth" or "priceless one". True to its name, and using only the finest materials along with first class craftsmanship, the former Dita Eyewear designers have created frames that embodies their unique talent in creating an exquisite collection of frames worthy of admiration.


Framing Visionaries

Founded in 2019, Akoni is a Swiss luxury company whose frames are designed in Southern California, but manufactured in Japan where the factories utilize not only the highest quality materials, but cutting-edge production techniques. In addition, the Akoni Group believes in utilizing materials and methodologies that respect humankind and the environment, from a social conscious perspective.


Akoni's Commitment To Craftsmanship

Akoni frames are made of the highest quality titanium or cotton based cellulose acetate from Japan. The nose pads on the frames are uniquely made of ceramic, as opposed to the standard silicone, plastic, or in better quality frames, titanium nose pads. The key advantage to the ceramic nose pad is that it won't get hot in the summer nor cold in the winter. They are also hypoallergenic and lightweight. The lenses on the Akoni sunglasses reflect the importance of having the best possible quality materials to work with. Sun lenses are made of either high contrast CR-39 material that involves a process of color separation, thus enhancing clarity and color vibrancy, or dual anti-reflective polarized sun lenses with a sharpening filter to enhance visual clarity and eliminate reflective glare at a higher than average level.



Honest Luxury

Attention to detail hallmarks the Akoni brand, which provides for a line of frames that is elegant and intricate in its design. The brand has found inspiration in the extraordinary detailing of some of the world's finest wristwatches or other sophisticated personal items that symbolize individual accomplishment and has stood the test of time.