[caption id="attachment_1989" align="aligncenter" width="479"] Maeve Brennan of Harper's Bazaar trying on wooden framed eyeglasses, 1945, photo by Nina Leen for Life Magazine[/caption] There is a point at which a synthetic imitation can no longer substitute for an organic product.  Against your skin horn and wood offer a  tactile sensation that is sensual and familiar. They are both hypoallergenic materials sourced from sustainable resources for their use in eyewear. Josepshon Opticians is a purveyor of two brands of note which cater to clients appreciative of  things  au naturel. Hoffman Natural Eyewear of Germany has been crafting luxurious, one-of-a-kind horn frames since 1978.  Each piece features a unique variegation of pattern and distribution of translucent colour. Although extremely light weight, stability of the frame is achieved through the lamination of 7 thin layers of horn with fibers lying in alternating directions. Anni Shades of Alliance, Ohio, produces wooden frames of artisanal  quality and charm.  The natural beauty of ebony, koa and redwood burl are often paired with wood stained in playful colours. Striking visual  effects are achieved through the lamination of 8 layers of wood. Each frame is sealed with three coats of varnish to ensure durability.