Three generations of designs attributed to P. Oliver Goldsmith Ltd. our housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in  London, England.  Founded in 1926 by Philip Oliver Goldsmith, the company gained international notoriety when his son Charles secured royalty both in the UK and abroad as clientele-most notably Princes Grace of Monaco and  Diana, Princes of Wales.          Grandson Andrew  began designing eyewear in 1963 , continuing the tradition of  uncompressed quality and craftsmanship.  Reproductions of the company's iconic  styles  continue to be produced with the same attention to detail and our available at our stores.  Bespoke customization of classic designs is also accommodated upon request.


    Philip's great granddaughter  Claire Goldsmith continues the traditons established by the three generations that preceeded her.  Inspired by British history and heritage,  she is producing 'modern clasics' for her own C G Legacey Collection.




    It will be our pleasure to host Claire in Toronto this March in order to preview  new designs inspired by the cult  subcultures of Mods and Rockers which notoriously clashed in the resort towns of  Southern England in the 1960's.     Anticipate the forthcoming collection, C G: Mod Rocker-soon to be causing a sensation! [caption id="attachment_1061" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Photography by Frank Connor/Kobal Collection/Curbishley Baird Photograph by Frank Connor/Kobal Collection/Curbishley Baird[/caption]