Computers, including other forms of digital devises are truly an integral part of most peoples lives these days. Many professions require focusing on a computer for extended periods of time. This can be particularly straining for presbyopes, a condition of those generally over the age of 40 when the ability of the eyes to adapt to various differences diminishes. When you work at a computer for an extended period of time, it is common to experience eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes and/or red eyes, all of which are common symptoms of computer vision syndrome, or CVS. A proper computer vision correction will allow the eyes to focus more accurately and with less effort. There are special purpose glasses made specifically for computer use. Many presbyopes try to get by wearing progressive lenses for the computer as they do provide the various reading distances needed for close, intermediate and far vision. The difficulty arises when the computer monitor is at eye level forcing the wearer to tilt the head back in order to focus on the screen, since the intermediate , or "arms length" reading area is below the pupil. Many people will either lean in or lean backwards to find that "sweet spot" in their lenses where they can see best. These awkward positions can cause neck and shoulder pain as well as potentially arm or lower back pain. While there is no one specific type of computer glasses that fit all, there are computer or office lenses that work for a large majority of people who are presbyopes. These lenses correct your vision for your computer screen which is usually positioned 20-26" from the user's eyes. The correct power for this distance is placed so that the user only has to look straight ahead for clear vision, be it on the computer screen or any other intermediate reading requirement such as piano sheet music. This intermediate reading area is noticeably wider than what is available on a progressive lens. The bottom of the lens would have quite a wide field of view for up close reading. In addition, these computer lenses can be further customized to allow for some "across the room" distance at the top of the lens, thus allowing the user to keep the glasses on while walking or viewing short distances. All of these customizations allow for a much more comfortable viewing for your intermediate reading needs, reducing both visual and physical strains. Well worth trying out. Come and visit our Josephson stores for more detailed or specific information.