I struggle in the thickets, stumble over fallen trees, step on the tail of my bear-skin, pitch face first into drifts till all I want is to rest, possibly take a little nap. I suspect parts of me will not survive. Once I was beautiful, but I shall bury fingers, toes, earlobes and possibly a nose in Canada. -Douglas Glover Perhaps we don't  fare as poorly as the protagonist from Douglas Glover's Governor General's award winning novel entitled Elle, but this winter seems to be  taken its tole on all of us. The benefit of observing Daylight Saving Time each March is the gift of an hour's worth of   additional daylight. To protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, and to lift your spirits until the temperature  rises, you'd be wise to consider the latest releases from Robert Marc. Robert's seasonal collections are themed, reflecting his artistic consciousness and  imagination. The styling and mystique of such South Beach landmarks as the Lido and Setai Hotels have been his latest inspiration. [caption id="attachment_2266" align="aligncenter" width="621"] The Raleigh South Beach[/caption] The Miami Beach Resort Collection  consists of  models incorporating Art Deco inspired tones with varied tortoise fronts. Each frame is hand-crafted in France and features Robert Marc's signature hinge motif. Limited edition sets of models in both the  Royal Palm and Fontainebleau colour combinations are available at our Flagship location while quantities last. Until the cold subsides and the snow drifts diminish, allow Robert's collection to evoke the sensations of warmth and relaxation.