The new  Symboliques collection produced by Ann et Valentin embodies  classical notions of elegance  presented in contemporary forms.  The models from this collection feature hinges inspired by the shape of the musical treble clef  (a symbol denoting the pitch of written musical notation) and the quadrant designed by Augustin Stark (a device which measures the distance between celestial bodies). [caption id="attachment_2198" align="aligncenter" width="479"] Image of quadrant attributed to Augustin Stark sourced from the Treasures of the NOAA Library Collection[/caption] Delicate and distinctive, these hand crafted frames are  imbued with subtle eccentricity.  They are the  ideal choice  for  modern dandies, romantics and keen observers. The model Bressel, depicted above, is  inspired by old-fashioned lorgnettes.  Anne et Valentin suggests  that it  is well suited to "the forensic scientist, and even the crazy chemist, living on a knife's edge". The Ann et Valentin collection is available at our Flag Ship and Eglinton Avenue locations.