Founded in 1988 by motorbike enthusiasts Richard and his wife Laurie Stark, the Chrome Hearts eyewear line embodies diversity in terms of timeless elegance with an inspiration  from Rock and Roll.

At it's inception, Chrome Hearts manufactured leather motorcycle riding gear of the highest quality , such as leather jackets and trousers that only select customers could buy. In 1992 Chrome Hearts won a Fashion Design Award.  The business took off and became popular with rock stars and famous fashion designers such as Comme des Garcons and Karl Lagerfeld.

Related image In addition to their line of leather clothing they introduced sterling silver jewelry, belts, luggage and bespoke leather and silver items. Most pieces feature symbols that mean something to the brand such as the Maltese Cross, daggers, fleur de lyes.  Each piece is gothic inspired, with evocative, and more often than not, provocative names. In 1996 the Chrome Hearts designers and owners opened their first freestanding store in New York City. The brand became so popular worldwide with a hardcore international following, that they eventually opened over twenty five stores across the USA, Asia and Europe.

Chrome Hearts launched their eyewear collection in 2002. Where most quality frame manufacturers take six months to design and manufacture a line, a Chrome Hearts frame is a result of a two year labor of love. This is because Richard Stark believes in the value of the design stage itself, focusing on creativity and artistic virtuosity. They are also unconventional in that they do not follow the traditional seasons to introduce new lines, but  rather present new pieces as they are developed and designed.

Related imageWhile the focus of Chrome Hearts is on rock and roll inspired pieces, it also features more classic models. Consequently bikers are not the only Chrome Hearts admirers, but rather businessmen and women interested in a more traditional style are also fans of the brand.

Many of the models are available with wood temples, including mahogany, walnut and macassar ebony, as well as buffalo horn and leather. There is also a jeweled collection incorporating only the highest quality of white or black diamonds. All stones are selected and set by hand.  For the most part the embellishments on the frames are made of either sterling silver or are gold plated. Meticulous laser work is required to create these temple motifs.  Each decor or motif is cast in rough form, then polished by hand and antiqued one piece at a time.  Not a single detail is left to chance.Image result for chrome hearts media picsThis combination of quality materials and meticulous attention to details, as well as the time and care taken in the making of each Chrome Hearts frame, is what has earned Chrome Hearts it's luxury eyewear label.  It is what is appreciated by their clientele with an eye for subtle and obvious quality.

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