Josephson buyers travel the world several times a year in anticipation of innovations in eyewear. These innovations may be presented at various trade shows such as MIDO, taking place in Milan in March, SILMO, held in Paris each September, and INTERNATIONAL VISION EXPO in New York City in the spring. The events showcase everything from the latest eyewear trends to the most innovative optical technology.

Our buyers frequently meet with the actual designers of the prestigious collections that we feature in our stores. It is at these trade show events that eyecare meets eyewear and education, and fashion and innovation mingle. There is often a collaborative measure to these trade shows in that opinions offered to the designers by our buyers and other opticians may effect the conception and production of future styles. Many of the designers do appreciate input that would optimize the fit and function of their handcrafted frames.

Because of Josephson's longstanding quality reputation, we are generally able to bring fashion trends and innovation before anyone else in the Canadian market.  We also are able to claim exclusivity on certain new lines and products.

With all this information and innovative choices, our buyers will cherry pick what we feel would work best, be of interest, and bring excitement to our clientele. Only the best of each handcrafted artisanal manufacturers will make their way into Josephson stores, providing  a choice of high quality frames that are not mass produced.