About Anne et Valentin

The Anne & Valentin brand was born from the crazy dream of a couple of opticians from Toulouse who were looking for graphic and original glasses for their friends. Today, at the crossroads of our fierce independence and our family spirit, we develop a vision made of requirement, research and love for the object.

Today, still driven by their fierce independence and their familial state of mind, they continue to develop a vision that embodies our research, fueled by the highest standards and their love for the object itself. Their story evolves with each individual who crosses their path: friends, customers, strangers encountered in the street, emerging or confirmed artists.

From their personalities – deep, curious and surprising, who differ, in ages, styles, genres… to Art, in its many shapes and forms – architecture, photography, plastic arts, fashion, cinema, everything is a source of inspiration to our creative flow. Everything is movement. Everything is transformation. Everything is color. Everything is matter. Their curiosity is infinite.


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