About Chrome Hearts

From its inception as a leather motorcycle riding-gear company, Chrome Hearts has evolved into an obsession-inspiring label and a cultural phenomenon. Taking a design cue from its beginnings, the brand’s vast line includes hand-made jewelry in sterling silver, gold, platinum, and precious stones; clothing, eyewear, luggage and accessories in fine leathers and fabrics; and handcrafted furnishings and home items in exotic woods. With a decidedly rigorous commitment to quality, every product is designed, manufactured and produced in small quantities to ensure absolute attention to detail at the factory in Hollywood, California.

chrome hearts

The whole world of Chrome Hearts comes in sterling silver jewelry, encrusted on Japanese acetate, 22-karat gold and leather bezels. Goldsmith and eyewear design merge to create exceptional frames, halfway between a pair of glasses and a precious jewel to maintain an elitist, confidential and rock ‘n’ roll image.

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