Eye Exam

To maintain a high quality of eye health and very good vision, a comprehensive and in-depth eye examination is highly recommended on a regular basis at least every 1 1/2 to 2 years. The primary importance of such examinations are to assess the health of the ocular tissues, test for glaucoma, and macular degeneration, and to record an ongoing history of your eye health as well as updated prescription information. Additionally, the combination of a qualified eye doctor and advanced medical diagnostic equipment ensures the detection of most visual conditions and disorders before symptoms arise. We are happy to assist you in booking an eye examination with a qualified Optometrist.


Preliminary tests include assessing visual acuity, eye muscles, pupils, and colour vision. A careful refraction is performed in order to obtain the correct and most suitable prescription for eyeglasses, if required. Once this basic eye exam is done, biomicroscopy is performed to better assess your ocular health. Dilated retinal examination may also be required, and intra-ocular pressures will be taken.

Once your eye exam is completed, the helpful staff at Josephson Opticians can help you find the perfect set of frames.

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Optometrist Dr. Kimberly Chan

Dr. Kimberly Chan earned a Doctor of Optometry Degree from the New England College of Optometry in Boston after graduating from the University of Waterloo with Honours Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science.

She is passionate about helping others and making differences in the lives of her patients. Dr. Chan performs comprehensive eye exams, with emphasis on early diagnosis and management of eye diseases in the adult and pediatric population. She has been dedicated to caring for her patients in Downtown Toronto since 2012, while working closely with the team at Josephson Opticians since then.

Dr. Chan also has a special interest in contact lens fittings, dry eye assessment, urgent and emergency eye care, and LASIK and cataract pre- and post-operative care. Performing diagnostic tests such as visual field testing, retinal and optic nerve imaging for glaucoma screening, managing degenerative conditions and other systemic health conditions, are her priority to ensure that her patients receive the highest level of eye care.

Dr. Chan eye examinations with full fluency in English, Cantonese, and conversational Mandarin. Dr. Kimberly Chan is a member of Good Standing with the Ontario Association of Optometrists and the College of Optometrists of Ontario. She is board certified by the Canadian Examiners in Optometry which includes the use of Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents (TPA) in Canada. Additionally, Dr. Chan is accredited by the National Board of Examiners of Optometry (NBEO) in the United States.