In a world where eyewear often falls into predictable categories—functional but bland, or stylish but impractical—Anne et Valentin glasses are a breath of fresh air. Anne et Valentin eyewear is an avant-garde brand that combines cutting-edge design with refined French elegance to make one-of-a-kind eyewear. Let’s explore the world of Anne et Valentin glasses!

The story behind Anne et Valentin glasses

Two opticians in Toulouse, France, founded Anne et Valentin eyewear. Anne and Valentin, the creators behind the brand, first met in the 1980s. Both shared a deep passion for design and a dream of revolutionizing the mass-market eyewear industry. The reason? They couldn’t find the graphic and eclectic frames that their friends were looking for.

They set out to create a line of eyewear that defies traditional norms, focusing on a unique blend of creative aesthetics and functional utility. The couple started their business by opening an optical store, and within a few years, their self-titled brand, Anne et Valentin, was born.

Anne et Valentin eyewear: Art in all its forms

What sets Anne et Valentin eyewear apart is the innovative use of shapes, colours, and materials. Anne et Valentin eyewear collections often feature geometric designs and bold hues that make a statement. For the people behind the brand, it is not just about making eyewear that stands out; it’s about creating pieces that become an extension of the wearer’s personality. 

Drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of art forms, such as architecture, photography, visual arts, fashion, and cinema, each pair of Anne et Valentin glasses is crafted as a masterpiece that is designed to stylishly showcase individuality. 

Anne et Valentin: The epitome of luxury French eyewear

Exceptional quality is at the core of Anne & Valentin eyewear. Since the very beginning—and even today—most Anne et Valentin glasses have been made in France. For over three decades, the company has maintained long-standing partnerships with factories situated in the French Jura mountains. Exceptionally, a select few titanium models are produced in Japan, as the country is recognized for producing the highest quality titanium.

Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, Anne et Valentin eyewear frames are made with the utmost attention to detail. Whether it’s the use of high-quality acetates or the meticulous care taken in crafting the metal components, no corners are cut. This ensures durability and unmatched comfort.  

Where to buy Anne et Valentin eyewear

Anne et Valentin eyewear has become one of the most respected brands in the world. While Anne et Valentin glasses can be found in 1500 retailers across the globe, the company carefully selects each one to ensure that discerning customers get the level of service and authentic shopping experience they deserve. Tris Coffin is proud to be a part of the exclusive Anne et Valentin network. 

Ready to wear your first pair of Anne et Valentin glasses? Our opticians will offer you a personalized service to find your perfect pair of Anne et Valentin eyewear.

If you’re in the market for eyewear that defies the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary, look no further. Anne et Valentin glasses are all about creativity and French sophistication. Start exploring Anne et Valentin eyewear today!

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